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Please come back soon for our new website.

In the meantime, see our cooking classes schedule:

MAY 2014

25th May : Knife Skills

JUNE 2014

1st June : Mediterranean Cuisine

7th June : Vegetarian Food

8th June : Cheese Making

12th June : Men in the kitchen

21st June : Knife Skills

22nd June : Desserts to Die For

JULY 2014

5th July : Cheese Making

6th July : Mediterranean Cuisine

7th July : Molecular Gastronomy

13th July : Vegetarian Food

15th July to 12th August (every Tuesday) : From Basic to Brilliant

26th July : Desserts to Die For

27th July : Knife Skills


 3rd August : Mediterranean Cuisine

9th August : Cheese Making

16th August : Vegetarian Food 

17th August : Desserts to Die For

23rd August : Knife Skills

Enjoy unforgettable experiences with food ! 

The ZIGIS team

86 Abercrombie St Chippendale 2008

02-9699 4222